Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prostitutes, Slutes, & Whores

On the path of The Goddess,
Women can come to know themselves and their greatness.
When men attempt to make the feminine submissive to it,
this creates shadow.

The Goddess energy is the love vibration. It is all inclusive.
When we try to take power from the feminine,
we use names like"whore, slute, prostitute" to do it.
This is a way that this culture agrees helps to degrade a woman
when she is too powerful or stands too straight.

Your name calling a person does not help that person or you,
it is a lower vibrational way of dealing with an issue.
Instead, speak from a place of light and kindness

Women heal yourselves and do the neccessary work,
so that these word do not take power from you or have power over you.

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