Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Illusion: If you practice wicca or paganism, then you worship Satan

This outdated notion that paganism and satanism are the same.
Satanism is one form of paganism.
The illusion came from the idea that if you are against or do not worship the Christian God, then you are for the devil.
This is not true.

This is a very big universe with many beings.
We in paganism honor nature and her gifts.
We in paganism honor that there is darkness and know that you have a choice in what you serve.

Satanism has its own form of worship and set of beliefs.

One thing I can say about satanists is, at least, they have picked a side of light or dark. Instead of the many people who are gray area and wish to believe that they work with light but do negative acts all the time in the name of their lower/ego selves.



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