Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Tantric Sexual Priestess


In the (ancient) cults of The Goddess,
we have the Tantric Sexual Priestess.
She is a woman who owns herself and her body.
Her body holds great light and wisdom.
She uses her body as tool to shift and higher consciousness.
She uses sex as a way to initate men into the service of The Goddess.
This kind of woman has existed and does exist now
but this kind of woman would be very powerful, clear, and rare.
This gift has usually been reserved for clear, healthy, honest men of light who wish to dedicated their lives or aspects of it to The Goddess.

In the ancient times, various men would attend the temples of the Tantric Sexual Priestess.
In the present day, this rite is best reserved for woman and her sacred partner or mate who she has a bond with.

Mary Magdelene was not a prostitute. She was married to Jesus The Christ One and she was a tantric sexual priestess.

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