Tuesday, August 21, 2012

True or False: Pagan rites are filled with nudity and sex


in the movies ...
most of the time when you see pagan rites
or they mention paganism
people are nude or having sex
that is not the case for most sects of paganism
that is not the case in real life

only a few sects of paganism require nudity
most pagans do their rites in private or in public or in a gathering
fully clothed

sex magic can be used to serve the light or the dark path
it can be done btwn two lovers in privacy
or in a gathering btwn numerous partners

sex magic is not very common in most pagan communities
it can be (and it is meant to be) a very powerful rite

but in light...
it is best reserved for couples who are in a healthy, committed, loving relationship

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