Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Blessings of The Blood Time / Menses / Magic Blood

Womens menstrual blood has always been revered as holy and sacred. We need to remember this and come back to this ancient truth. Menstrual blood is a divine elixir that can be used for many purposes. Women must begin again to honor themselves, their bodies, their wombs, their blood time, and their sexuality. We set the standards in society and we always have (Example, If we allow abuse in our lives, the world will treat us accordingly). We must raise our standards and vibrations, as women, if we truly want change for ourselves, our families, and our planet.

What are the “blood mysteries”?
There are books that go into this (like "Earth" by Barbara Marciniak) but I can give you the basics. The blood mysteries are mysteries that connect and bond womens’s lives to the Great Goddess from their menarche, to their menses, through childbirth, and then to menopause. With each of theses great transitions, the spirit of the women is transformed, expanded, and initiated into divine wisdom & knowing.

What are some of the other names for our “menses blood and period”?
Moon Blood, Magic Blood, Sacred Blood, Wise Blood, Holy Menses, Blood Time,
Blood Bonding

How to honor your bloodtime more?
1. Create prayers focused on your bloodtime and read it each day
2. speak kindly of your menses and welcome it every month
3. speak openly to those you love about your blood time
4. join a women's group and talk about your menses
5. speak to your lover openly about your bloodtime
6. create pictures with your blood
7. mark your body with your blood
8. write a thank you letter to your body and womb

How can you nurture yourself more during your menses?
1. eat more red foods
2. use more red spices like chayenne and chili
3. take hot showers and bathes
4. put hot water bottles on your womb
5. drink hot teas and beverages

Various ways to use your sacred blood to honor the Goddess
1.water your plants, gardens, trees relatives, etc.
2.pouring libations to the earth & ancestors
3.marking your body for blessings
4.marking your home and space for protection
5.going into nature with other women and bleeding into the earth
6.drink it as an elixir and sacred communion

Learn more, visit "Blood Red: A Devotion To Our Sacred Blood Time" -http://SacredBloodtime.blogspot.com

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