Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Goddess and Her Healers: The Light - Part II

- Healers can women or men.

- Healers can be any ethnicity.

- They can be young or older.

- They can dress in beautiful garbs or jeans and a -shirt.

- They may have many skills or specialize in one.

- They can practice alternative medicine or do psychic work or be a practising shaman or witch.

- Healers can live in the big city or small town.

- Healers can be strongly psychic or have skills that are learned.

- Making a Living
Healers all have a right to make a living for themselves. They have bills like everyone else. They have a right to support themselves with their work and charge people for their services.

- Different Kind of Therapies
There are different kinds of healing and different kinds of prices. Not All healing work will be cheap or affordable. Some healing treatments require more energy or expertise or longer periods of study from the practitioner and they have a right to charge more if that is what they are guided to do.

- Charlatans and Authentic Healers/ Holistic Practitioners
Yes, there can be charlatans amongst healers but there are those who are honest and focus on doing great work from their level of understanding. Some people are entertainers and offer psychic stuff as a form of entertainment for their clients and may not be real. Some healers learn a formal healing modality and offer that to clients. Some healers work are more etheric and require the client to be more active in their healing and have more faith in the unseen. As clients, do your research and follow your inutition when picking a healer. I highly recommend working with healers and holistic parctitioners who are actively healing themselves,as well. I also recommend you become more aware of the different modalities that are available.

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