Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Honoring All Walks of Faiths

In witchcraft, we are taught to honor all life
and that there are many ways to know the divine
we are taught to honor other people's faith
not try to convert them
not try to destroy them because they differ
not attack them
there is truth & light in everything

Personally, as I healed myself
my passions for The Goddess was discovered
reading about witchcraft and wicca sent shivers through me
It speaks to me

Before I found my path in witchcraft and Goddess craft
I went and attended many kinds of religious and spiritual centers
spiritual baptist, hare krishna, islamic temples, etc.
I enjoyed it all very much, the diversity, the different ideas, and it helped me in many ways
I still attend ones today that speak to my soul

We all must find our own path
It does not have to be handed down to us from our families
It does not have to be mainstream
It just needs to feel right to our soul

And when we find our pathes
It is wise to give other people space and love to find theirs

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