Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Women, Mothers & Overgiving

As women, we sometimes tend to overgive
in our culture, it has been the acceptable norm that women be the givers
to make sure everyone is taken care of
and to leave themselves for last
(or in some cases, leave themselves out all together)
there are so many women dying everyday of breast cancer
cancer is a disease that deals with energetic depletion
the breast is a part of the body that deals with nurturing, giving, abundance and pleasure

It is the natural order of the universe
that we both give and receive
that is balance

We all need to be nutured
and it is a great gift
to be your own best friend and biggest fan

As women and mothers, we need to remember to put ourselves first
our children can not be our lives
they are an aspect of our lives
because if we don't have it, we can't give it
and they will go without

practice pampering yourself
practice loving yourself more
practice putting youself first

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