Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Pregnant Mommy & the Pregnant Mommy Belly

In our culture, we don't show as much respect for the pregnant mother as we could. We speak poorly about the body. We say it is fat, ugly, unattractive. We say the husband or partner is turned off. We feel that our body is no longer ours when we are pregnant. We care only about the care of the child and see ourselves as large monsters pushing a child through.

We love the idea of a child growing in our womb but we become embarrassed by the process. We, as a western culture, have forgotten much about birth and pregnancy. We have lost touch with our bodies. We leave everything up to our doctors and nurses to make us feel safe.

We are healing. We are remembering. We are reconnecting. We are coming back to honoring our whole selves. As women, we change, our bodies change, constantly. We need to honor the pregnancy process again.

We can love ourselves while pregnant!
We can see ourselves as beautiful while pregnant!
We can see ourselves as worthy while pregnant!

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