Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Goddess and Polygamous Men

There is an illusions that say that "men are naturally polygamous". They need to have multiple lovers. They are meant to stray. They can not be faithful. This is not the truth of nature.

The Goddess, Divine will, wants what is best for the whole. She creates from health, abundance, and wisdom. Most men that are on the planet do not sit in light or work frequently with the love vibration. They tend to sit in shadow and their egos. They tend to be people who are unhealthy and not fully present in their bodies as a soul.

It is not the divine will or for the higher good for ignorant, lower vibrational people who do not honor themselves to have multiple partners and to increase the likely hood of children. That is the reason so many people are dealing with disease, STDs, ED, and issues around their womb spaces and can barely have sex at all. If you can not honor your body, it will not support you. Having multiple partners (especially with deceit around it) does not serve the soul, it is simply a way to help one to run away from it.

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