Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Rites of Passage for Our Little Girls


Rites of passage are important for gitrls
It is important for us to know what is expected of us at all parts of our lives
i.e. children, teens, young adults, women, seniors
It is great to have healthy people to follow and show us the way
In our western culture, which is slowly evolving towards the light
sometimes we place so much emphasis on the external world
our looks, our money, the way the dress, our work, our duties, other people's opinions, etc.
we want them to wear high heels because that is a sign of  true womenhood,
wear makeup because that is what creates beauty
or to have a boyfriend who looks a certain way and makes a certain kind of incoome
we see that as more important than our inner worlds
our self-esteem, our self-respect, our dreams, our values, our self-image, our inner well-being, our inner strengh, and personal conviction
It is all important
but spirit creates the physical
so we  need to learn to place it first in our lives and in our teachings to our young girls
There is so much information in the world
and so much unhealthy material that can affect our youth
let's work on healing our lives as women
and teaching our girls to respect themselves, their bodies, their minds, and their inner truthes

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